Retrofit solution for LF-ULD

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is pleased to announce it has developed a retrofit solution for the Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device (LF-ULD) for Airbus and Boeing aircraft single aisle aircraft family.

By 1st January 2019, all aircraft with a maximum take‐off mass of over 45,000 kg operating over oceanic areas are to be fitted with the Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device.

The retrofit solution is designed and engineered to be fully compliant with a new European ruling CAT.IDE.A.285(f), allowing operators and leasing companies to achieve full compliance in a convenient and timely fashion.

AES can now provide the engineering, LRU and kit necessary to meet this ruling for B737 NG, B737 Classic, A32X Single Aisle Family (A319, A320, A321), A330, B757, B767.

Commenting on the retrofit solution, Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “It is very important to us to remain at the forefront of cost-effective design solutions to the aerospace community. Our “One-Stop-Shop” philosophy means we can fully support and understand the needs of our customers and can provide innovative solutions which meet European rules for operators.”