STC for new A330 cabin layout

We are excited to announce that Aerospace Engineering Solutions has been granted EASA-approved STC No. 10084621. This modification introduces a new cabin layout featuring 24 business class seats and 250 economy class seats, resulting in a 274-passenger seating configuration on the Airbus A330 aircraft. With the increasing demand for transoceanic flights, AES is delighted to support the aviation community with long-haul wide-body projects.

Furthermore, the STC integrates Panasonic’s lightest and lowest power IFEC system, eXLite, into the existing eX2 system on the aircraft. This integration provides operators with an updated IFEC system.

Another milestone achieved by our DOA team. Our team overcame the following challenges to get the modification approved on time for our customer, with materials and parts procurement:

  • Seat re-pitch and installation
  • IFE and seat-to-seat cabling and raceway installation to accommodate the new layout
  • Oxygen pipeline and PSU rearrangement
  • Emergency equipment and placards rearrangement through concurrent minor modifications to speed up the approval process and minimise costs

A special mention to the AES team, both UK and Spanish offices, and our partners Aviation Scouts, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Aviation Graphix, 21Aero and Jetglow Aircraft Refurbishments, without whom this project would not have succeeded as it has. Thank you very much.

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