VCode® Introduction – working with on board WIFI.

AES Global is engaged with a Manchester (UK) based technology business - VST Enterprises Ltd, the creator of VCode®

VCode® is a new type of patented Visual Symbol that can be scanned in print, digitally and from multimedia screens including TVs and critically the interior, exterior surfaces of passenger aircraft and airport environments.

(The VCode® app can be downloaded at

VCode is the next step in information sharing; it is an end-to-end encrypted closed loop system, which is an advancement on barcodes or QR Codes, which are open source systems (full information available on request).


Each VCode® contains a unique identifier that 'points' to the relevant information on a server and draws down the information permitted for that individual or display location. Permissions can be set that specify what the individual sees. This can also be based on where they are, who they are, and when they view the information. The permissions that can be set are virtually limitless, for a demonstration, visit:


A VCode® can be scanned from up to 100m (size dependent), down to 5mm with a standard Smartphone, and down to 225 microns for more covert purposes. It can be scanned from moving objects and has a 70 degree angular scanning tolerance so is easy to capture. Each VCode® symbol has a 30% damage tolerance feature.


The potential for developing and maximising sales and retail opportunities in and around commercial aviation are virtually limitless, especially when strategically deployed with on board/airport based WIFI systems. VCode® has a mass of applications and potential uses for Airlines and airport retail and information based services alike.


Further information can be obtained from VST Enterprises

email: j[email protected] or [email protected]

Here at AES Global we would be pleased to advise how this technology can be incorporated and controlled within the passenger cabin environment and external livery, together with discussing your on-board WIFI requirements. For more information on WIFI click here.