Aerospace Engineering Solutions, a UK and Ireland aerospace design and certification organisation, is proud to announce the company has been awarded by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the installation of the aircraft-powered version of Bluebox Aviation System’s wireless in-flight entertainment (W-IFE) system, Bluebox Wow.

Recently issued by EASA, this latest STC (No. 10076801) applies to all Airbus A320 Variants with an added feature of an automatic Pause on PA functionality that pauses playback in the event of announcements from the flight deck or cabin crew.

AES believes this certification will open opportunities to provide aircraft operators of single-aisle, and wide-body aircraft in the future, with Bluebox’s aircraft-powered W-IFE units. The installation is simple with wiring to the W-IFE units easily accessible via the panels in the aircraft cabin. Utilising aircraft power eliminates the need for the logistical management of batteries and still offer a considerably lighter and lower-cost system than fully fitted W-IFE.

The Bluebox Wow units are delivered with Part 21G Form 1 approval and can be supplied with the associated installation kit as a total package.

Andrew Dolby, Director of AES, said “I would like to thank our dedicated and highly experienced engineering and design team here at AES for achieving this ‘game changing’ STC for the installation of Bluebox’s aircraft-powered version of Bluebox Wow on the Airbus A320 Variants, especially during these challenging times for the aviation industry. We are actively working on solutions for other models including single and wide-body aircraft.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is delighted to announce its Shannon, Ireland office has received full EASA Part21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA) further complimenting their UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Part21J Design Organisation Approval.

AES believe this approval structure will provide a transparent Supplemental Type Certification (STC)/Modification process following the UK’s departure from the EU. This approach will avoid the complication and risk associated to validation of STC’s, repairs and modifications between the respective regulatory bodies within the UK and EU.

This twin approval arrangement will provide our customers confidence so they can react quickly to the opportunities of a new aviation landscape.

Andrew Dolby, Director of AES, said “The company believes having both approvals will enable their customers to leverage the existing strong bilateral agreements between EASA and National Aviation Authorities.”

Adding further comment and introducing Aidan O’Leary as Director of Engineering in Ireland for AES, said “I am very excited to be leading the Irish expansion of a well-established, dynamic and growing company.  Obtaining EASA DOA approval in Ireland is testament to the experienced team at AES.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is pleased to announce it has obtained Egyptian Civil Aviation Regulations (ECAR) Part 21 approval from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) Approved Design Organisation.

The approval (certification number ECAA/AW/AE/I0151/R0) demonstrates that AES is in compliance with all regulatory requirements to perform design activities for Egyptian registered aircraft and will give their customers access to the company’s catalogue of over 2000 approved changes.

Commenting on the approval, Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “Adding the ECAR Part 21 approval to our scope of approvals shows our continued commitment to our customers. This will allow us to build stronger relationships and look forward to serving Egyptian registered operators with innovative and cost-effective design solutions.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions also hold EASA and GCAA Part 21J Approval.

Aerospace Engineering Solutions have received the Supplier Service Award from leading UK leisure airline and Jet2holidays for ‘Great Service’. Ian Brooks, Procurement Director presented the award to Andy Dolby, Director of AES at a ceremony in Manchester, UK.

The Supplier Conference which took place on 11th December awarded AES with one of six awards presented to their supplier network for contributions as a partner and supplier for their ongoing success.

As an approved EASA Part 21J Design Organisation, AES work with to supply the airline with integrated engineering modification programs and solutions for their fleet.

Andy Dolby, Director for AES said: “We are extremely proud to be a partner and supplier to and Jet2holidays and we look forward to continuing this ongoing success.

“To be recognised for our experience and knowledge by a world-class award-winning airline we can thank our great team behind AES and wish and Jet2 holidays the continued success they so rightly deserve.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is proud to announce the company has recently been awarded EASA Supplement Type Certificate (STC) for Zero Passenger Configuration.

This latest STC (No.10070986) issued by EASA applies to Boeing 737 and Boeing 757 variant aircraft types and allows the operator and lessors to fly aircraft legally with a Zero passenger configuration. This STC is based on the latest EASA guidance regarding the approval of Incomplete Passenger Cabins as detailed in proposed EASA Certification Memorandum CM-CS-010-001.

Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “Receiving this STC has allowed AES to respond to our customers request in offering the flexibility of flying their aircraft with an incomplete cabin. The STC was achieved successfully within a very challenging timeline and allows us to continue the evolution of the STC with expanded applicability to encompass additional aircraft types. As a leading DOA we look forward to supporting our current and prospective customers.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is delighted to announce it has extended its operations and has opened an engineering design office in Shannon, Ireland.

To enhance this expansion, AES is in the process of gaining EASA Part 21 approval for its Irish base, introducing DOA AES Global, trading under Aerospace Engineering Solutions.

The opening of its Shannon office signifies the continuation of the company’s growth plans in Ireland, providing local employment and adding engineering capabilities to meet with customer and regulatory demands.

Throughout AES’s 20 year history to date, the company remains to be a reliable design and certification organisation for the local community of lessors and airlines, providing cost effective design solutions to the aerospace community. Its “One-Stop-Shop” philosophy means DOA AES Global can fully support and understand the needs of its customers and can provide innovative solutions which meet European rules for operators.

Eamonn McAuley, Director of Engineering in Ireland for Aerospace Engineering Solutions said “I am extremely excited to be leading the Irish expansion of a well-established, yet dynamic and growing brand and I look forward to bringing my expertise and vision for growth to the company. The move to Ireland and particularly the Shannon zone, is testament to AES Global’s well established Irish customer base and also brings to the area enhanced Part 21 experience backed up by quality and reliability.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is delighted to announce that it has extended its cabin connectivity upgrade packages to include business jets.

Under the company’s EASA Part 21J approval, AES has recently completed Minor avionic modification installations on Bombardier Global 5000, Bombardier Global Express, Bombardier Challenger CL605 and Boeing BBJ aircraft types.

In co-operation with ALAMO Engineering, AES was responsible for the engineering, design and certification of the cabin connectivity upgrade programs including SDR Gateway Upgrade, ADR-2200 WIFI/4G-LTE Router upgrade and STAGE Media Server Unit upgrade.

Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “AES are pleased to be working with our partner company ALAMO Engineering to provide a turnkey solution. In an age where connectivity is everything, we offer a cost-effective upgrade to our business customers.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions has been awarded Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out upgrade program for a major European operator.

Under the terms and agreement, AES will provide a full turnkey design and certification solution for Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft.

With the ADS-B Out equipage mandate requirement of 7th June 2020 (Europe) for retrofit installations, AES Global will be expanding this modification to cover additional aircraft types.

Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “As the mandate date draws closer, operators need to consider heavy maintenance schedules for their fleets and equipment manufacturers timelines as these will drive the window of opportunity to modify each aircraft.

“This upgrade has generated significant customer interest in recent months. We are delighted to provide ADS-B kits and installation support and continue to work on offering our customers cost-effective solutions.”

Following an intense certification effort, Aerospace Engineering Solutions has obtained a new EASA Supplemental Type Certificate to allow the use of Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PED) on all Boeing 777 aircraft models.

AES has developed this STC for the operator to ensure their fleet of aircraft is capable of using portable electronic devices safely and securely in all phases of flight.

This EASA STC (No 10065407) can be used by an operator as evidence to meet the operational requirements of AMC1 CAT.GEN.MPA.140 (Reg (EU) No 965/2012; Part-CAT) and AMC1 NCC.GEN.130 (Reg (EU) No 965/2012; Part-NCC) for portable electronic devices operating in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band. It can an also be used in combination with a Wi-Fi system activation to allow full use of T-PED’s.

Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “Receipt of this EASA certification broadens our ability to offer this solution to customers and reinforces our commitment in the wireless connectivity market.”

Aerospace Engineering Solutions is pleased to announce it has developed a retrofit solution for the Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device (LF-ULD) for Airbus and Boeing aircraft single aisle aircraft family.

By 1st January 2019, all aircraft with a maximum take‐off mass of over 45,000 kg operating over oceanic areas are to be fitted with the Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device.

The retrofit solution is designed and engineered to be fully compliant with a new European ruling CAT.IDE.A.285(f), allowing operators and leasing companies to achieve full compliance in a convenient and timely fashion.

AES can now provide the engineering, LRU and kit necessary to meet this ruling for B737 NG, B737 Classic, A32X Single Aisle Family (A319, A320, A321), A330, B757, B767.

Commenting on the retrofit solution, Anton Heissig, Director and Head of Design for AES said “It is very important to us to remain at the forefront of cost-effective design solutions to the aerospace community. Our “One-Stop-Shop” philosophy means we can fully support and understand the needs of our customers and can provide innovative solutions which meet European rules for operators.”