Part 21 CVE (Cabin Interiors) – Aerospace Engineering Solutions Limited

Due to expansion AES are looking for a Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) to review and control the documents produced by the Design Engineer in respect to the Certification requirements. They make sure by their sign-off that all documentation complies with the procedures defined in the company’s Design Organization Handbook (DOH) and that all Means of Compliance related to applicable Certification Requirements are fulfilled. They will have an independent, in-depth checking function for the content of the design (documentation, test results, etc. while not being involved in the design process).

  • Make sure Design Data Quality – control the correctness and completeness of the Engineering and Certification documents that are created by the Part 21 Design Organization. Ensure that Design Data comply with the Project Work Scope and implement required Engineering Changes in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Compliance Verification – review and ensure that the Means of Compliance presented by the Design Engineer are correct and complete according to the applicable Airworthiness Regulations, such as FAR25 / CS 25.
  • Certification and Design approval - provide the required Substantiations in accordance with the Certification Program and fulfil the Certification and Design Approval process with the Airworthiness Authorities.
  • Design Engineering – Checking and approving of design data (drawings, accomplishment instructions and technical reports)

Qualification & Education:

Preferable degree in the field of Aeronautical or Mechanical Engineering, Minimum 5 years of experience as a Design Engineer in aircraft modification, ideally minimum 2 years of previous experience as a Compliance Verification Engineer. 


The candidate must have an in depth knowledge of the aircraft to ensure they are able to foresee any potential airworthy and practical problems during accomplishment.

The candidate must have detailed knowledge of general aviation legislation, and EASA Part 21 Supplemental Type Certification process and experience with non-European certification process. They should be current with the mandatory EASA CVE training for their area of expertise (Cabin Interior).

Strong interpersonal skills and social competence, team player; self-motivating; strong communications skills, creative and innovative to always be one step ahead; decisive and firm, willingness to take over responsibility.

Computer Software Skills: CAD software (AUTOCAD, CATIA etc), MS OFFICE

Language skills: English fluently in speaking and writing

   If you are interested in applying for this role please submit your CV and cover letter

  to [email protected]