Avionic Changes

Aerospace Engineering Solutions can provide a wide range of mandatory or optional avionic and electrical system integration. Whether it’s narrow or wide-body aircraft, we have over 20 years’ experience offering solutions with on-site design and support from entry into service changes, flight navigation and satellite communications to wireless in-flight entertainment (W-IFE) installations.

In-flight Entertainment Systems (IFE)

Integrating IFE systems can be difficult, our experience as integrating IFE systems to Boeing and Airbus aircraft together with our history working with most of the IFE vendors in the industry has enabled us to receive countless IFE STC’s over the years.

Wi-Fi Installations

With airlines on the increase to opt for the wireless LAN packages, AES has the know-how to develop Minor changes and STC’s for Wi-Fi systems. Working with major IFE hardware suppliers and recent market entrants alike we are fully confident to provide a package that suits all.

Electrical Load Analysis (ELA)

Either managing ELA for individual aircraft, airline fleets or simply preparing ELA documentation to support end of lease (EOL) hand back condition, our technical capability and preparation of approved ELA documentation will fulfil the operators’ request.

Flight Manual Supplements

Bespoke AFM supplements are prepared to support airlines. These can be reduced MTOW supplements or any other AFM related areas.

USB Installations

More and more operators are requesting USB power (Type A or C) for either the cabin or the flightdeck. AES have several options depending on budget to satisfy both. Bespoke systems can be developed for your particular aircraft or fleet. Flightdeck options include the PD (power delivery) variant with USB-C.

Galley Insert Installation & Removal

Oven, boiler, coffee maker, microwave can be introduced to or removed from the galley unit (and aperture blanked if needed). Provision can be introduced to suit if the galley is able to be modified.

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