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Aerospace Engineering Solutions (AES) has collaborated with numerous airlines worldwide, providing EASA-approved Part 21J DOA support for exterior liveries and mandatory markings. Our extensive experience enables us to offer services for new and existing liveries, airline rebranding, and retro and promotional liveries.

Celebrating success with Brussels Airlines

We are proud to be part of this fantastic project for Brussels Airlines on ‘Amare’, the latest Belgian Icon! Our team provided the EASA-approved Part 21J exterior livery drawings for the Airbus A320neo. On April 26th, 2024, Amare (reg OO-SBB) took its inaugural revenue flight adorned with the captivating livery, symbolising the renowned music festival Tomorrowland.

Honouring heritage with TUI’s 50th anniversary livery

Another significant example showcasing our expertise is the TUI Boeing 737-8Max livery, designed to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Inspired by the airline’s rich history and vintage aesthetics, our team played a pivotal role in creating this livery, providing the EASA-approved Part 21J exterior drawings. We are honoured that TUI entrusted us, and we extend our warmest congratulations to them for this milestone.


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Aerospace Engineering Solutions introduces a minor modification for portable ELT installation to address EASA requirements with non-rechargeable lithium batteries (NRLB), eliminating the need for STC applications.

Meeting EASA requirements

EASA CAT.IDE.A.280(a) states that all aircraft with a Maximum Operational Passenger Seating Configuration (MOPSC) exceeding 19 must be equipped with at least one automatic ELT, with the provision of two for aircraft with Certificates of Airworthiness (CofA) issued before July 1, 2008. Automatic ELTs might be portable with lithium batteries as part of their design. Lithium batteries ETSO C142b non-compliant installation requires an STC application.

Minor modification for maximum impact

AES offers a minor modification package compatible with all aircraft types. Our comprehensive solution includes engineering support, portable ELT (Oriola) compliant with ETSO C142b, and an installation kit comprising bracketry and placards designed to meet NRLB installation requirements.

Benefits for operators and lessors

The beauty of the AES solution lies in its simplicity. Operators and leasing companies can now fully comply without the STC application process. This minor modification not only ensures compliance but also offers flexibility for fleet-wide adaptations or individual aircraft adjustments in the most cost-effective manner.

Minor Modification for Portable ELTs

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An aircraft lessor or airline typically looks for certain qualities in a DOA holder and there are many factors they consider important:

  • Compliance: The DOA holder should have a strong track record of compliance with regulatory requirements and standards set by aviation authorities. This ensures that the designs and modifications performed by the DOA meet safety and airworthiness standards.
  • Expertise and Experience: The lessor or airline will value the DOA’s expertise and experience in aircraft design, modification, and engineering solutions. A proven track record of successfully completed projects and a team of skilled professionals contribute to the DOA’s credibility.
  • Technical Capabilities: The DOA should possess the necessary technical capabilities and infrastructure to handle the lessor’s or airline’s specific requirements. This includes having appropriate design tools, software, testing facilities, and qualified personnel.
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: The lessor or airline would prefer a DOA that can adapt to their needs and provide timely responses. Flexibility in accommodating modifications, efficient communication, and prompt delivery of design solutions are valued traits.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While quality and compliance are crucial, the DOA’s pricing and cost-effectiveness also play a role. The lessor or airline will consider the overall value proposition, including the DOA’s pricing structure and competitiveness in the market

Ultimately, the Aircraft Lessor’s DOA expectations is to provide reliable, compliant, and cost-effective engineering solutions, ensuring the airworthiness and safety of their aircraft fleet.

Feedback from our customers is that AES meets all the above requirements and has been a trusted DOA partner, supporting aircraft lessors and airlines for over 20 years. We’re an extension of your team, offering expert assistance to help you soar higher. Contact our team today!

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