Aircraft Transitions

Aerospace Engineering Solutions delivers aircraft transition projects to support airline operators and aircraft leasing companies worldwide. Through our DOA approvals, capabilities and experience, along with our strategic collaborations, we can offer a complete turnkey solution. Our highly experienced technical teams can deliver project management, on-site personnel, engineering and parts procurement.

Aircraft Lease Plates

Offering Part 21J design approval with EASA Form 1 and installation kits for single-aisle and widebody aircraft. We can offer signal or dual language options with quick and efficient turnaround times.

Temporary Aircraft Registration Decals

Whether you are an aircraft operator or lessor, we can provide you with a Part 21J minor modification for your temporary aircraft registration decals. Supplied with installation kits and EASA Form 1, we cover all aircraft types.

Avionic Re-Registration

When transitioning an aircraft many aspects are requiring EASA Approved changes. We offer a full range of avionics and systems modifications including Mode S recoding, SELCAL change and placard manufacture, FDIMU, EGWPS callouts, Satcom, DFDAU and CAM logo change.

Emergency Locator Transmitter Reprogramming

Whether it’s for new registration, a new operator or a demonstration flight AES can provide engineering instructions to recode or remove/refit the Emergency Locator Transmitter. We can arrange the coding of beacons or identification modules if required.

Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device

CAT.IDE.A.285(f) states that all aircraft with a maximum take‐off mass of over 45,000 kg operating over oceanic areas are to be fixed with the Low Frequency Underwater Locator Device.

AES has designed an EASA 21J solutions to this. By installing the Novega LF-ULD SID88 Beacon in accordance with AES instructions and information for continued airworthiness this will enable operators to meet these rules. Supplied with installation kits and EASA approved engineering.

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